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Pink Hummer Limo Hire: When You Want to Travel in Style!

When you want to make a big statement arriving somewhere – perhaps on your way to a wedding, a graduation, or even for a big night on the town with friends – what is the absolute best way to do it?  A limo?  Think bigger!  Think: a pink Hummer limo.  From size, to colour, to all around elegance, a pink Hummer limo will get you where you’re going – in style, comfort, and to the awe of everyone watching!

There are a few things to keep in mind when hiring a limo, so before you get ahead of yourself and choose a hire company at random, walk through these steps!  They’ll help you with the rental process, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re using the best limo hire available.

When you call a limo hire, have this list handy and make sure you ask each company these questions:

  1. How far ahead should I book your limousine? – Many companies have popular limos that get booked up quickly, and when you’re looking for a pink Hummer limo, you don’t want to get left in the dust!  Take their advice, and if you’re still not sure, book early just to be safe.
  1. Is the limo licensed and correctly insured? – You want to make sure all the limo drivers are qualified to be driving limos in the first place, since they’re not as simple to drive as your standard compact!  Also, insurance is very important, since it will protect you and the company in case of any unforeseen circumstances.
  1. Do you have any references? – You want to make sure other people who have used their limousine services were satisfied with their experience! ‘Don’t rent from a stranger’ is a good policy to have for anything, especially something as important as a limo.  You want to make it to your wedding or night out on time!
  1. What are your rates, and do you have any gratuity or hidden fees? – Be up front about the cost, and don’t worry about sounding a mite impetuous.  You don’t want to get your bill later, and subsequently discover some extra fees you didn’t know about!  Ask directly “what will I see on the bottom of my bill, if I rent for [however many hours]?” If they won’t tell you straight up, well… it’s time to move on to another company.
  1. Do you have any package deals? – Some companies will rent you a limousine for certain events at a reduced rate, for example, if you’re hoping to use it to travel around for your whole wedding day.  This package might include the day’s rental as well as a trip to the airport the following morning to head off on your honeymoon – talk about making a statement at the airport in your pink Hummer limo!
  1. What is the company cancellation policy? – Unforseen circumstances happen, so make sure you understand what the policy is for cancellation. If you need to cancel at the last minute, you’ll need to accept you’ll probably lose your deposit and may even be liable for the full fee.
  1. What is your decoration policy? – This is more relevant for couples hoping to rent a limo for their wedding, since tradition is to decorate the car after the reception and then watch the couple drive away.  Some places may be more welcome to certain kinds of temporary decorations on their cars, so respect their policies and choose a hire that you can live with.
  1. Do you provide a written contract? – A properly written contract is there to protect both parties. All the details of the rental should be plain and visible on the contract.  Both you and the hire will sign the contract once you put your deposit down and make sure the details are correct – this should contain information about the specific car, pick-up and drop-off times, rates, deposit and cancellation fees, and details about the company’s responsibility should the car break down or in the case of unforeseen circumstances.
  1. Can I see the car? – If possible, arrange to view the limo you intend to hire. It's a good opportunity to speak to the company, ask questions and check the car out.

What should you do next?  To find a pink Hummer limo hire, jump over to our main limo hire directory. Just a couple of clicks will help you to find a limo company in your area, where you can put these tips to good use!  UK-Limo lets you search by region, county or postal town – and when you’re ready for a quote, you’ll only have to input this information once to request quotes for up to 6 companies!

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